Organic Orcharding

Some people will tell you that you can’t grow fruit trees organically. Don’t listen to them. While it is true that organic orcharding is somewhat more difficult to do, it is by no means impossible. It just requires a little planning, dedication and diligence.


First of all, bear in mind your reasons for orcharding organically. Consider this. A commercial grower is aiming for 12 bushels of apples of which 98% are first rate, picture perfect quality. That’s what he needs to make a living. You are growing fruit organically because you don’t want to use chemicals so that you will be gentle with your environment and control what goes into your body. You are not trying to make a financial profit from your venture.


So, if you get 8 bushels of apples and 50% are a little off grade – a bug hole here, a bit of black spot there – you still have 4 bushels of decent looking, fresh, chemical free delicious tasting fruit to eat. And the other 4 bushels of rough looking fruit still are very useable. When you make a pie, you cut up the apple anyway, so what’s the difference if you toss out some big bug holes and a chunk of brown flesh. You still have nice cut apples for a delicious pie or cobbler. And you can make apple sauce, apple butter, jelly, dried slices, cider, juice and vinegar -- all tasting better and fresher than anything you can buy in the store.


Organic fruit growing comes down to three things: