Home Orcharding



Unfortunately, bugs and fungi like fruit almost as much as you do. Ask your garden center professional to recommend a good “home orchard spray.” There are several “combination” sprays on the market which provide all of the disease and insect protection which you need. Follow the directions on the label to keep your trees healthy, prolific and nice looking. The most simple sprayer is the best sprayer. Look for a “hose end” sprayer, which simply connects to your garden hose and has a small container which holds the spray material. Follow the directions that come with the sprayer. All you need to do is aim the sprayer at the tree and it’s as simple as that.


It is always a good idea not to use a sprayer for both weed killers (like Round Up) for bug and fungus sprays. As good as you might clean your sprayer out, you run the risk that some small amount of weed killer will hit your tree (or any other plant for that matter) and stunt it or even kill it. So if you spray Round Up to keep your yard clean, keep a dedicated sprayer for that purpose – and mark it with an indelible pen to make sure you don’t get it mixed up with your other sprayer.