About Us

Hollybrook Orchards is a division of Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia. For nearly 50 years, we have been supplying beautiful trees and shrubs to some of the nicest garden centers in Middle Atlantic, New England and Mid-Western regions. 


We became interested in fruiting plants when we started our own home orchard about 20 years ago. We found that there was a big shortage of nice fruit trees, especially the hard to find and heritage varieties. Also, there was a dearth of practical information about how to do this. Lots of technical information for the commercial orchardist was available, but the home orchardist has different needs. 

Deciding to view those short comings as opportunities, we created our Hollybrook Orchards division to provide the plants and information that the home orchardist wants and needs.
We hope that you will find this web site to be helpful and the information that we have on our plant tags to be useful as well.


Any suggestions, comments, and tips of your own would be welcome and we will be pleased to include them in the blog on our website.

Thanks for your interest,


Hollybrook Orchards