Orchard Maven Shares Favorite Cherry Recipes

Newport News Daily Times
July 27, 2009


Robin Rinaca started baking when she was 10 years old, creating cakes to enter in the county fair in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley where she grew up. "Cooking is fun for me - and the end product is eating," she says. Nowadays, baking is even easier for Robin, now 54, because she grows fruits galore at her kitchen door. Read more

The MetroWest Daily News
March 28, 2008
Next time you sink your teeth into a sweet Moonglow pear from Hollybrook Orchards, remember you are eating Carole Ely's homework. Instead of biting off more than we can chew, let's try again. If you want to see what Ely and her classmates learned in their botanical illustration class at Wellesley College, drive to Eastern Shore Nursery in Keller, Va., and fill your basket with 40 kinds of fruit. Read more
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Not Just Nerds About Fruit

Financial Times 
By Simon Busch, December 2007


The US might lack a tradition of wassailing, the centuries-old practice of singing to fruit trees in the hope of a better crop, but its orchards are nonetheless in ruder health than those in the UK, where the tradition was invented.


"From growing 20,000-25,000 fruit trees 13 years ago, we're now doing 100,000," says Nick Covatta of the Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia, which serves garden centres covering areas occupied by half of the US population. Quite the fruit historian, he cites several reasons for what he believes is a revival of home orcharding. Read more